Age difference – what impact it has on dating and relationships

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Most people feel more comfortable dating those closer to their age. There are all sorts of rules when it comes to dating someone with an age difference, but should that really be a deciding factor in your relationship? If you are dating someone who is either older or younger than you and confused about whether or not age should really make a difference compared to other important aspects like emotional compatibility, interests, and goals then you reading the right article. It’s a fact that age gap in dating and relationships is still socially stigmatized. While you may know of very few people who are having a huge age gap and are dating, it does not mean all those relationships won’t be a success.

The challenges and benefits of an age difference in dating

Reports show that most couples typically have 3 years or lesser age gaps in the United States. This is mostly because you happen to meet someone in college or at work or you’re introduced by a friend who is your age. But love can work in mysterious ways and it can happen to anyone anytime. Let’s look at the challenges and some benefits of dating someone with an age difference.

The challenges of an age gap

It depends mostly on how you perceive things such as family and societal concerns and financial stability. Of course there are other differences you two may have like the levels of physical, emotional, spiritual, and sexual levels are all a part of this. The good news is every challenge has a solution and the key is to remain connected.

Relationship readiness: Your dating life could be going smooth, but are you both ready for the next stage? From different viewpoints, mindsets, varying visions for the future, to sexual incompatibility, things can get rough when there is an age difference in dating.

Status of your partner: You need to consider aspects like if your partner has crossed the childbearing age, or if you are dating someone who is divorced – does he/she already have responsibilities of children, is your partner ready to have children with you and many other things.

Health and energy level: When there is a generation gap, compatibility issues naturally pop up. The most common being difference in energy levels. This issue can be as simple as one being an early bird and the other a night owl and go on to be complicated and may cause bumps in between the sheets leading to sexual dissatisfaction and frustration.

The benefits of an age difference

When you respect a relationship you will recognize the many benefits despite the fact that someone is older or younger. When you are dating someone younger you can enjoy the good things in life, be more relaxed, and they can you help you balance out things – you can say he/she is the ‘yin to my yang’. Similarly, when you are dating someone older you have the additional financial support and security, they value you better, fewer mind games and drama, and probably you can learn from their experiences.

What is the minimum or maximum age difference in dating?

The question surrounding how old is too old or how young is too young has come up so often that researchers have conducted studies to find out the acceptable age difference in dating. Generally, 10 years junior or senior is considered “appropriate” by the standards set by society.

Scientific studies too have been conflicting with some concluding that a large age gap in dating lead to a positive relationship. But the fact is age limits and maximums vary all around the world based on cultural norms.

4 different dating scenarios and how to handle them

  1. If you are dating an older man you can communicate better with him. There is less judgment, more maturity, and emotional stability. You might have to deal with general incompatibility, health risks, and children from his previous relationships.
    Tip: Treat the relationship the same as you would with a guy your own age.
  2. If you are dating a younger man you can expect less baggage, thrilling dates, and you will be trying new things always. You should be ready to deal with financial imbalances and an adult who may not be ready for the responsibilities of a relationship.
    Tip: Be his lover not his advisor.
  3. If you are dating an older woman you will be in the company of an adult who is more accepting, forgiving, responsible, and independent. But you might have to consider her biological clock and past baggage if you’re thinking long term.
    Tip: Giver her space, be honest, and don’t play games.
  4. Dating a younger woman implies a lot of fun, different viewpoints, lack of pressure, and great energy levels. You should be ready to handle some immaturity and male attention. She may not be ready for a relationship yet.
    Tip: Take it slow, communicate and avoid ego hassles.

So, will age difference work in dating?

We see an increase in the age gap in the dating pool than ever before. To form meaningful relationships it takes more than just an appropriate age.

Is rational thinking important?

Yes. Understanding your reasons for falling in love, being ready to handle general differences and criticism is essential. Navigating the social consequences while struggling with generation gaps can be tough, but age difference in dating can give you the chance to consider fresh perspectives.

Will age difference impact a relationship or marriage?

If you are planning to take your relationship into the next step then a lot of careful thinking and objective analysis is essential. The success of a relationship comes down to compatibility and age does not matter.

Age is just a number – Maturity is what really matters

Remember every dating phase and relationship has strengths and strains. Differences can creep up at any stage even with a small age gap. Assess your maturity level before hopping into a relationship with an age difference, weigh the pros and cons. If there is chemistry, he/she is someone who complements you and makes you a better person, then there is nothing like it.